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another incident that comes to mind thinking about how many times I was violated while paying rent at Warren Inn, after I reported Leroy, the crackhead who assaulted me, he knew I reported him so he would not do his job if it had anything to do with a white person! back in 2010 he began NOT unlocking the gate to the pool because he knew I would be the only one in there, 8 days in a row I had to go in the office to tell those lazy *** idiots the dumb *** did not unlock the pool again because he was too busy selling drugs, they tried to blame it on forgetfulness!

LOL, I told Ann Taguba, the uneducated, and VERY unattractive manager that it's not forgetfulness if it's EVERY *** DAY!!!!! so one day when the gate was locked AGAIN (the 9th day in a row), and remember this is all after lunch, I tried to go in the office to wake those idiots up, the door was locked! so I went to my room and called, it went straight to voicemail! when I went back down to the office (which should have been unlocked for business), who comes running out but Leroy!

and looked as if he just got caught doing something else! him and another worthless, arrogant, racist employee were in there doing the nasty! her name is Telesia, and yes, she's about 500 lbs., very poor attitude, hates whites (I've seen her ignore white people to get to a black person), and when she decided to unlock the door, it looked as if she was guilty of something also! now I realize our society took a turn towards dumbing-down after 1861, but you would think Warren Properties could hire competent employees, not racist, uneducated, arrogant, unattractive, criminals!

but wait, there's more to come! after 4 years of this *** I have plenty of episodes to let everyone know about, and like I told Warren Inn....I DO NOT *** LIE!!!!

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I don't know this tenant but they are telling the truth. Seen alot of this myself.


hahaha man you sound like the most ignorant crotchety loud mouthed *** i've ever encountered. It's a wonder that you haven't been thrown out in the *** street. That's what would happen to you if you ever lived in any property I managed.

I would adjust my attitude a little if I were you buddy, it's YOU that sounds incredibly racist, it's painfully obvious you're holding back a gigantic tirade of hatred.

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