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I am a Disabled Veteran and in 2010 I noticed several rooms dealing drugs right out in the open! I saw it so much that I kept up with where the people were going and wrote down all the rooms that were dealing.

other tenants noticed it also, so we all reported it to the local authorities. I went into the office after hours one night and told Ann Taguba the manager about all the dealing going on, and she replied: "yes, I know all about them, but there is nothing I can do, the tenants have to report this". I told her she was full of ***, and that me and several other tenants have already reported it! when I told this to the Mobile Fair Housing Authorities, they said: "she is a liar, if she knows it is going on in her apartment complex, she can give them a 30 day notice for whatever she wants, and get them out as soon as that"!

so nothing was done, me and several other Disabled Veterans moved out, and are much better off, and Ann Taguba, and her drug-dealing friends are still there! WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER LIVED!!!

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That has nothing to do with discrimination, you're just trying to illicit sympathy, and therefor your entire story in not credible. GTFO.


if you lived there for a while, it seemed as if the managers at this place spent more energy promoting, and protecting crime, and seemed to treat other elderly, more disabled veterans who live there as if they were above them, and almost ignored them! thanks for your concern!


What the *** does this have to do with you being disabled or a veteran? I don't see any "discrimination" going on.

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